We’re Making Moves!


As we embark on our 8th year of living in the city of Los Angeles, we have decided to make a big change and move back to our hometown of Bakersfield, CA. It surely has been fun growing and learning many aspects of life and business in LA, but now it is time to return to our little big city of Bakersfield. We also have a few projects developing and partnership opportunities, so the move made sense for us.. The move will allow for us to streamline our company and make the positive impacts we aim to make on communities and neighborhoods. We will also be able to expand our services and provide more opportunities for others throughout Kern County, LA County, and beyond.

Why Bakersfield out of all the wonderful places? Well for us it’s simple, it’s our hometown and most of our family and friends still live in the city.  We take pride in spending time with our family and friends, so this reason alone was very important to us. We also see the massive amounts of potential to help revitalize historic neighborhoods and help develop stronger communities in certain areas of Bakersfield. The affordability scales in Bakersfield are very attainable in comparison to many other cities in California, which is bringing more people in each year. Many businesses are also setting up their headquarters since it a great gateway to the North and South of California. This is also allowing for Bakersfield to grow as a city and have more opportunities to create businesses and services for the growing population. Bakersfield has long been known for its small town vibes, big suburban charm, and a whole lot of heart and soul. We certainly look forward to applying our services and making positive changes to help the communities of Bakersfield thrive. Although we will not be living in LA anymore, we will not be strangers to the big city and will frequently visit for business and fun! We intend to do several projects and investments in Southern California that will help strengthen neighborhoods and communities.

We are very excited about our move and will continue to share tips, ideas, and our latest projects here on our blog and website!

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