How to achieve goals!

summit goal

Think about the last time that you had to make a run to the grocery store after work because you’re family was going to starve! Your wife/husband is not going to be able to make the trip and now you were left with the responsibility. This new responsibility wasn’t going to erase the errands you had and now you need a way of how to efficiently go through your “to-do” list. Although, slightly insignificant of a task you might think, there is still a need to take some time to plan a series of steps to achieve the new task along with your original tasks. No matter how big or small a GOAL is to be there is always a need to develop a series of steps towards a solution.

We all have an idea of what we want and a good idea of how we will go about to achieve that want. We intuitively know how we will achieve that goal. Although this is true, I know I have to admit the fact that I allow obstacles to be strong enough to derail me in my path towards my goals. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is imaginary and self-made: FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, smart enough or whatever, but these are mere “excuses” for us to “throw in the towel” and forfeit our commitment towards that particular goal. These obstacles are meaningless yet are the reason why a lot of us continue along the same ol’ beaten path and resist fulfilling our dreams. We need to continue through the fear and through any obstacle as we hold PERSISTENCE as a priority, because we promised ourselves commitment as we began towards this goal. In the case of being forced to pause our progress for any reason, we need to use the next available moment to continue where we “left off”.

PASSION is an important ingredient to be used while writing your goal. When we are passionate about a goal we don’t let the first failure determine the end of our journey. No. We dust off and we look at what we did right and figure a new solution that involves the steps that worked previously and replace the method that did not work with a new plan of action. When we are passionate about a goal giving up is not an option. This passion guiding us makes this GOAL a NEED for us to accomplish. Persist and persist towards anything and I’m sure even YOU know you will achieve.

Tips on How to Achieve:

Every day

  • Write down/Review your goal(s)
  • Tie passion to the WHY you are trying to achieve this goal
  • Write/Review steps on HOW you will achieve that goal
  • Go and apply step number 1 or the next applicable step

Honesty will go a long way, so be honest with yourself and your passion and fulfill what you have committed to achieve.

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