Love and Business


Today marks a very special day for us, it is our 3 year anniversary of being married! We had been together since we were teens but in 2013 we united our love. Now we find ourselves in the next level of our relationship, balancing LOVE & BUSINESS. In August 2015, I approached Adrian and said “Let’s start a real estate investing company!” and with no hesitation he replied, “Okay, let’s start one.” At the time we had been attending a series of real estate investing seminars and workshops while learning more about the business, so naturally we were both drawn to the idea of starting a company. It was as though we had discovered a hidden treasure and we wanted to keep digging to find out more about real estate investing. After exploring ideas, plans, and a name for our business, we started OptiLife Properties LLC. Though it has taken us a bit longer than expected to get our business on the right track, we are grateful of how much we have grown as a couple and the love of running a business together. We individually possess special traits and qualities that complement our business together and cannot function without the support from both of us.

Our real estate investing business has allowed us to create a stronger relationship with each other because this journey is all about personal growth. We often read books together, brainstorm new ideas, and explore new cities in search of properties. As our business grows, we grow with it and become more aware of what it takes to be successful in LOVE & BUSINESS. We both have our own areas of expertise and ideas to create unique businesses, but our real estate investing business has aligned our interests so that we can prosper together and work towards achieving any goals or business ventures.

Working together has been a great opportunity to expand in different areas of our unity. There are many parts of our relationship and now with our careers touching paths, it has shown us that we can always find the solution if that is our true intent and to use what we have in the present to our advantage. There is always a way to breakthrough any obstacle and being best friends as business partners while we engage the great classroom of the “Real Estate World” we really are forced to adapt to the different situations we encounter. This proves not only beneficial to our relationship but also allows personal learning and growth as we become aware of our actions during different circumstances. Our partnership is our priority and mutual prosperity will ignite a bright future for our business; thankful for the fact that we can appreciate what a different perspective allows us to focus on, we can acknowledge that an expanded mind exposes both of us towards growth. Progressive ideas and an ambitious outlook is a great thing to have in common and really makes it easy to join forces.

For us it is more than just creating a business to make money, we have strong aims to create opportunities for others and help our communities prosper. We want our business to flourish so that we can enjoy more time together and with our family. Love is truly the goal towards optimal living and it is the focus of our business as we grow together towards the same outlook in LOVE & BUSINESS.

With Love,

Adrian & Candy

OptiLife Properties


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