I remember first hearing the words repeated over and over from my fashion instructor Ms. Martinez, “NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!” At the time I was only a high school senior not knowing much of the importance of networking other than to socialize with my peers. Moving forward to college, the phrase kept being repeated until I fully grasped how essential it was to for the growth of my career and business. Whatever industry you may be in, the POWER OF NETWORKING is always apparent in order to succeed. We often forget how easy it is to connect with others since we find ourselves interacting more thru social media, text, or email. The truth is even these new platforms of communication can serve as great tools to networking with other individuals in our industry. Reaching out to someone via text or email can be so important in learning and getting your service or product known. In my creative career as a Freelance Art Director, networking has been the most valuable tool for getting me new projects and clients. Without networking with others in my industry, I would have simply stayed in one place and would not have obtained the knowledge and experience I have today. Now that I find myself aiming towards becoming a full-time real estate investor, I find my CONNECTIONS in this industry growing and expanding towards new possibilities and business ventures.

Just yesterday, Adrian and I met with many other real estate investors at our monthly local REI club. We were once again reminded how important it is to make strong efforts and keep current with our connections. There are always great people in your industry willing to share knowledge and advice that have helped them succeed. For us, it is important to build RELATIONSHIPS with other investors that can someday lead to PARTNERSHIPS and exchange of services. I highly recommend you all to aim towards meeting someone new every day/week/month and see how far it will take you in reaching your goals or career aspirations. Simply tapping into the ABUNDANT SOURCE of networking can expand your NET WORTH to new heights in your career or business.

The world is rapidly growing and there are NO EXCUSES for not utilizing the POWER OF NETWORKING! Even as we find ourselves on the internet more and more, the power of human connection still remains vital to our health and wealth being. It is even easier to reach others around the world and make CONNECTIONS that will forever expand the growth of your mind and business.

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