5 Easy ways to be an AWESOME Tenant!


As we end our term of being tenants at our old rental apartment, we look back and see what helped us learn to have a great rental experience. As we venture into the other side of renting, “The Landlord” side, we ask ourselves what will we look for in our future tenants. Here are 5 Easy ways to be an AWESOME Tenant:

  1. ALWAYS, pay your rent on time! Not only does this secure your opportunity to rent, but it also shows your landlord that you are a responsible and important tenant to keep renting to. Prioritize to send your rent a few days ahead or on the first and save your self the stress of being late. This will also create a positive track record that you are a responsible tenant.
  2.  Treat the rental as if it were your own! Yes that may seem a little far fetched of an idea, but ultimately you will have a great renting experience if you take good care of the property in which you live in. Also, securing your ability to get your security deposit back. Depending on the circumstances, this may even get your landlord confidence to trust you with more options, such as having a pet or painting colorful walls.
  3. Respect the landlord/tenant agreements and rules. Too often, tenants make the mistake of creating their own set of rules while residing in a rental which more than often leads to messy situations. This can result in a very emotional strain between you and the landlord. In many cases it can even result into evictions, legal penalties, and exhausting court debates .
  4. Keep your rental clean and tidy! You don’t have to be the cleanest person on earth to do so, you simply just have to clean up little by little throughout the time you rent the unit. Having your rental unit clean will result in a much more painless moving process and provide your landlord with a good impression to refer you to future rental landlords.
  5. Steer clear from the cheapest rental! This is a major rule that most tenants do not follow. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but if a rental happens to be very affordable, there is more often than not, several reason why, such as poor management, slumlords, or distressed conditions. Other reasons may be having lousy neighbors in the building which can lead to you having a terrible renting experience. We have experienced this type of “cheap” rental in the past and though we got through it we learned valuable lessons why we will never rent the cheapest rental available. “Cheap things often come with a price!” Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but be cautious and ask questions before signing the rental agreements.

As a tenant, you deserve quality service, but in order for you to receive this service you have to”give” a little as well. The landlord will be more than glad if you are working together while you remain in the property and this will allow for a more peaceful living situation for you the renter. Might not seem necessary for your compliance but facilitation of good service is a smart way for you to receive what you deserve. In the end, comfort is in your hands and let’s face it, your credit will be impacted greatly by the result of each renting outcome.

Have any rules of your own you would like to add, leave us a comment and share your thoughts!

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

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