Financial Education=Financial Freedom

financial=As we grew up from being children to adults many of us developed certain beliefs and habits towards money. Most understand that money could buy us the things we wanted and few were actually taught how to manage their own money. In some families it is even prohibited to openly discuss money. Money is often the #1 cause of turmoil between families, friends, and relationships, yet most are not well educated on the matters of money. If you want to learn more about money, you must first disregard your old beliefs revolving money. In our educational systems there is very little evidence of financial education. Why is it that money remains a mystery to most even though it is enveloped in our everyday lives?  Simply, because most do not talk about money or learn more on the principles of money. The bottom line remains, more people should discuss money frequently and find new ways of utilizing money as a tool rather than a coveted object. Let’s break away from the common belief that “money” is a sensitive subject and really begin to understand the ways money can help us grow and learn more about ourselves and our businesses. Money should be a straight forward subject not to be mixed with emotions or radical ideas. After all money is major factor in determining whether you can be Financially Free or Financially Enslaved, so let’s talk more about money!

As important as money is in our daily lives it is neglected how to manage the important tool throughout our educational system. I hold the belief that instruction to the young minds of how to find to leverage the powerful tool of money can provide progress of our common society. The fact that most of the students in the public school system are from lower income homes should be enough to have this education under regular practice. Such information of handling of money will provide important information to families of how to avoid mishandling this tool. Our children are the future and missing the opportunity of reaching families through the means of these young minds is criminal. An informed consumer demands a smarter market resulting in a more intelligent financial system.

Our current belief of money seems to be wrongly implicated in our lives. We currently hold the attachment of materials with a direct correlation of our feelings and emotions. Most of us will acquire a certain ‘good’ and in a matter of weeks will continue life without the regular use of this object. This behavior can be seen through us and our loved ones, not that it is wrong to hold certain pleasures from getting some of these objects, but when buying $120 shoes when you have 5 other new pairs of the same style shoe then you are not necessarily making a smart investment. Everyone is able to do what they please with their hard earned money but when those shoes will become obsolete or old in 1-3 yrs then you can easily see the value of your investment. Obtaining assets should be your true motivation and not pretending to swim in piles of money as people see you with different pairs of expensive shoes. The rich person does not care of appearing rich since the fact of wealth is real and the poor person will go through extremes to appear as though their supply of money is sufficient to make careless decisions of budget.

Wealth and monetary abundance can be yours if you seek to learn more about the subject. It is as easy as picking up a financial book or researching online to discover great ideas and tips from others who have gone through great measures to get financially educated. Make your efforts to learn how to build assets of wealth and teach those around you about money. The world has plenty of money so it is for you to decide whether you will be rich or poor. Being rich or poor is a choice which you have total control of making.  Align your thoughts and actions around money to help you build wealth and not distress, and soon you will find yourself in a path towards financial freedom. The truth is there are so many resources out there for you to get educated about money, you just have to be willing to learn and put the information obtained into action.

Got any tips to share about financial education? Share it in the comments below!

All the best,

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