Top 5 Reasons to Invest in East Bakersfield, CA

Whether you plan to open up a new business or invest in real estate, be sure to keep your eyes on East Bakersfield, CA.  Located East of Downtown and in close proximity to the beautiful outdoors  filled with rivers, wildlife, and landscapes full of mountains. East Bakersfield is the second most historic part of the city of Bakersfield in Central California. Here you won’t be shy of the diversity amongst the residents and abundance of opportunities to create new businesses. Especially due to the major neighborhoods surrounded by schools, parks, and public transportation. Though it holds many fantastic qualities, it is still in need of more businesses, amenities and attractions for all the residents to enjoy. These are our TOP 5 REASONS TO INVEST IN EAST BAKERSFIELD:

  1. VACANT RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES IN PRIME LOCATIONS. There are a numerous amount of properties that have been sitting vacant for years in great locations. Most of which cause existing local businesses and homes to decrease in value.
  2. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES & LOCAL ECONOMY. Many of the small local businesses in the area have been around for a long time and run by local families, passed down over generations. With larger corporations around today, the area has struggled to regenerate wealth to help keep up the neighborhoods, businesses, and community.
  3. ESTABLISHED HISTORIC AREAS & NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION. There are beautiful desirable neighborhoods that are well established, as well as some historic neighborhoods in need of revitalization. Several properties in the area hold a rich history dating back to the late 1800s to when the city was founded.
  4. TO CREATE MORE AMENITIES & ATTRACTIONS. Currently there are several untapped markets within the residents of East Bakersfield. Many of which have to travel far across town to access good restaurants, healthy grocery stores, and other local shops. Making it difficult to obtain basic necessities and depend heavily on driving vehicles.
  5. OUR COMMUNITY DESERVES MORE. More amenities, more attractions, and more safety in order to fully enjoy all that East Bakersfield has to offer. By bringing in more opportunities to the area, we will allow for local residents and businesses to grow, connect, further enhance our community.

Growing up in this area, we have always appreciated the great location, historic qualities, and family orientated locals, making it easy for us to invest in East Bakersfield. We aim to bring wealth and prosperity to our community and will do so by providing new business opportunities, revitalizing neighborhoods, and building strong lifelong relationships. It’s time for East Bakersfield to shine!

Join us as we venture more and more into the world of Real Estate Investing and help create positive changes to our community!

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

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