College Education vs. Financial Education

As many of you begin to settle into your new colleges and universities, you may be more concerned with what career path to take or how you will survive in your new environment. For some of you the college path may be difficult to obtain due to financial restrictions in your family or not wanting to attend for various reasons. Many of us are taught from an early stage in life that we must go to school, go to college, get a good job, and live happily ever after. What is most often neglected is how to financially prepare ourselves for the path of career building education. Even in our own personal lives, we were taught very little on how to properly build good financial habits and manage our money. In our early teens we developed skills to get out into the work field to make money for the fun things in life, but were not concerned much with how we would pay for our college tuition. Whether there is a disconnect with our schools or families on financial education, we must learn to educate each other for sake of our success. Most students find financing to be a bore especially those who despise mathematics, but let’s take a further look and compare COLLEGE EDUCATION VS. FINANCIAL EDUCATION:


-Builds communication and cultural skills that are useful in society.

-Prepares us for most career choices in various industries.

-Allows us to meet other people and have new experiences that may not necessarily help us build on our career path.

COLLEGE EDUCATION CONS:                                                                                                                                 

-Can make us quickly accumulate serious debt if receiving student loans that may be extremely difficult to repay.

-Makes us to become dependent on jobs, government, or even our parents

-Does not secure us with a desirable career position or job after graduation.

-May be a complete waste of time, especially if switching career paths.

-Leaves little to no return for our money invested!

-Helps us develop skills for proper financing and wealth building.

-Most often available for FREE via great resources such as, the internet, library, seminars, mentors, etc.

-Allows us to grow our profits and be cautious of accumulating debt.

-Gives us the control to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

-Prepares us for an early retirement especially if investing in real estate as young adults.

-Provides well being for ourselves and our families.


-May discourage you from attending college all together limiting your career options.

-Will take TIME to learn and grow towards financial success.

-May be misleading depending on the resource you obtained your financial education, beware of get rich schemes and expensive guru type courses.

We definitely don’t discourage getting a college education, however there is a major problem amongst most people today that leaves us to question why it is so strongly encouraged to attend expensive colleges and universities. We simply want everyone to be aware that there are alternative options that will help you build great wealth and not drown you in debt. We speak from experience and wish we had learned more about financing before we had signed on the dotted line for our student loans. You can decide to get your college education as well as financially educate yourself and you will help strengthen your path towards financial and career success.

One way we plan on becoming FINANCIALLY FREE is through real estate investing and we hope you will join us along this wealth building adventure!

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

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