Importance of “WHY?”


Through life we constantly find ourselves searching for progress and the betterment of our daily living. In the end, those who stand still in content, are no better than the existence of the ground at our feet. Therefore, when searching for the will when committing to a new healthier habit, hobby or job, without a good reason it is very difficult to overcome the new struggles we face. It seems we keep being reminded of the option to QUIT. This is the exact time we need to remind ourselves WHY we must keep climbing this ladder that is supposed to lift us to new heights financially, in our health, self-development, etc. The most powerful fuel to our drive is a good reason “WHY”. Why are you willing to struggle in this new journey? Why are you waking up an hour and a half earlier to head to the gym before work? When the reason in front of you is powerful enough and you believe in yourself to not give up until reaching the summit of your goal, then that “faith can move mountains.” Each morning take a moment to write in your journal the reasons why you are continuing the hustle towards your new objective. This little difference can make a major impact as you will find it easier to dig deep when it counts. Whether you decide you are trying to reach a certain goal for your family, self, friends or whatever motive it may be, it needs to be something that really hits home and is embedded deeply in your emotions to effectively influence your persistence. The reminder of your commitment will definitely be an invigorating fuel to rocket through your obstacles of your every day.

We often find ourselves creating our own battles in order to give up and stop trying at something new, but we must analyze the WHY in order to find out HOW to succeed at whatever it is we are aiming to accomplish. If that WHY is not set up first, we will easily find excuses that will block the potential to the answers. In our own experience, we know it is hard to achieve goals if there is not a concrete reason to support our dedication to that goal. When we first wanted to start a business in real estate investing we knew it wouldn’t be easy, but knowing the reasons WHY keep us going and working towards succeeding even when faced with obstacles and failures.

Here is one of our own personal examples:

GOAL: Become financially independent through our Real Estate Investing business

WHY: In order to provide better opportunities physically and economically for our family, ourselves, and our community.

HOW: Investing in real estate, creating good financial habits, learning, and building partnerships with other investors. We are still searching for more answers to achieve our goal! 🙂

Ask yourself WHY? and you will quickly find out the many ways of HOW! Never quit and continue hustling towards success!

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

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