Live how others won’t!


Throughout our lives we develop the habit of wanting nice things and consume just about anything to get instant gratification. Take a moment to consider all the “cool” things you have purchased in the past that are just sitting undisturbed in your closet. Often times we think it is a good idea to buy things that we don’t really need or have no purpose or function. Let’s consider what value these objects really bring into our lives, is it going to help improve our lives or is it simply going to take up space and become clutter. When we begin to question certain habits in our lives and make efforts to change them, we become more in control of our lives. It is easy to be under the spell of a “shiny object” but remember that if you want to get ahead in life, especially in real estate investing, you must make sacrifices where necessary. This does not mean to deprive yourself completely of your necessities or desires, but simply making wiser decisions to not have every single item you want, just because it looks cool or Paul has one. Just the other day we were talking with our dear friend and he mentioned how he would buy silly things all the time and not even take them out of the box. He came to a realization on his own to stop this mindless habit and start using his hard earned money towards things that will bring him longterm value. Recently we were faced with a similar realization when we decided to make our big move back to our hometown. After living in the city of Los Angeles for over 8yrs we knew we had to make a sacrifice in order to advance in our real estate investing business. Living in a big city can be costly and often consumes you in a way that can become out of control such as major spending, partying, etc. For us that was not really the case, however we did not enjoy having to work just to pay the rent or barely get by. This can be a reality for many regardless of the place you live in, but for us LA no longer made financial sense. Whatever you are aiming to accomplish remember to check yo’self and lifestyle and make necessary changes. This may mean less party time in Vegas or binge drinking ’til your face turns green. Some of the ways you can conquer your bad consuming habits are by:

-Making more home cooked meals and eating out less

-Commuting to work via bicycle, carpooling or public transportation

-Buying a used vehicle instead of buying it brand new

-Watching movies online instead of going out to the movies

-Doing fun “free” activities with family and friends

-Educating yourself financially to develop good spending habits

Got a little bad habit of spending? Make some sacrifices with us and join us on our REI adventure to help you learn, grow, and prosper towards success!

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

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