F.O.C.U.S: One way towards Financial Freedom!


The most powerful thing to accomplish in life are systems to get what you want. Whether you realize it or not you might have a few of those systems in place currently in your life. Setting these systems to facilitate FOCUS towards a certain objective or goal is crucial to progress. Simplistically, you need to create a plan and stick to it. In order to follow the plan regardless of obstacles, there needs to be established reasons to create value for your goal. Finally, PERSISTENCE will be a key ingredient to reaching success. Find your system, as we are all different we all learn, think, and act uniquely so this system might not be the best without some personal tweaks, but find out what works best for you.


Create the plan toward a goal before you begin. Through this plan, coordinate a detailed schedule to distinguish where you need to be at the end of the month, week, and day. Complete daily tasks needed to keep you on track of these daily goals that will ultimately lead you in completing the weekly and monthly goals. PRIORITIZE and follow your schedule no matter what life brings to you. Even if you miss 1 day or 1 month of your plan, get back to schedule by evaluating and editing your original schedule, if you need to make changes do so considering those obstacles that made you fall off track.

Along with scheduling goals, make sure you add a date of completion to your goals. That is going to help schedule your month down to the day and help your focus. The date is there to add urgency so, even if you miss, continue towards your goal by editing the date and/or your priorities. Keep in mind the importance of each goal, as some will be more important and time sensitive than others.


Recall to the precise moment where your goal sprouted and the REASONS why you made the decision of aiming towards this goal. Those REASONS were strong enough to make you want to dedicate your time and mind to accomplish this certain objective. Quitting is not an option at any given moment, but figuring out how to get back up and continue is the real target. This goal is valuable and the completion is necessary, figuring out how to justify changing your mind whether to do this goal or postponing, will not make the reality of your original need to face and accomplish the goal go away. Go back to the reasons to give value to your struggles and work as needed to succeed the challenge of your goal. The pushing forward with this fuel of value brings me to my next point…


Obstacles will come up and sometimes failure is inevitable. Failure is in your hands, because if you stand back up after a set-back then it is considered just another speed bump on the road. It is up to you to let your struggle conclude as a failure. At times you will feel like it’s too hard, but you can sit there and justify victimization, or PERSEVERE and reap in the rewards that come with your efforts of dedication regardless of your difficulties. Continuous growth is to have an evergreen life always growing the value to your life. The only way to grow is being outside your comfort zone which accomplishing fantastic goals is a great vessel to the value you and I seek. Continue to work as you can be sure other ambitious individuals are suffering alongside you and I, remember though, the one’s that are successful choose not to sit there and play the victim, but are the ones that bulldoze through every mountain of obstacle spawning in their path.

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

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