Eliminating F.E.A.R!


These days we find ourselves being overruled by our FEARS and falling short of that success we so desire. We can truly speak to this FEAR factor, as OptiLife Properties LLC. turns 1 year this month. We have come a long way from the start and plan on being around forever, but can’t help face some of the realities of our business. Those realities have to do with eliminating FEAR and substituting it with ACTION. Over the course of 12 months we have managed to reach new heights and educate ourselves on the subject of Real Estate Investing. However we have fallen short of accomplishing the many goals we set out for our business. It is okay that we did not reach every goal, but we find ourselves asking the same questions we did when we first started, that is “How to get over FEAR.” We are naturally wired to be cautious in order to survive, but we as humans must come to the realization that fear is not essential to our livelihood anymore. In this modern age we are surrounded by so many opportunities and the safety nets to try anything we can imagine. If you have ever tried an extreme activity such as rock climbing or sky diving, you have experienced tremendous fear before jumping off that plane or leaping on that mountain, but after you achieved it, you were most likely rushed with excitement and satisfaction to be ALIVE. The same can be experienced in the simplest form, such as taking a drive from one destination to the next, and yet you might have experienced the same factors of FEAR and SATISFACTION. Even though you can experience both a negative (FEAR) and a positive (SATISFACTION) reaction, the two cannot be expressed at the same time. Let’s ask ourselves, is FEAR really necessary in our lives? We say FEAR is not needed and therefore we must ELIMINATE F.E.A.R. In order to do so, we must start becoming aware of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If there are any habits or behaviors that are not serving your great purpose then practice to eliminate them. It can be as simple as looking in the mirror everyday and feeding your mind positive affirmations such as, “I am capable!”, or perhaps taking 5 minutes out of each day to appreciate nature.

It is okay to face some harsh realities, but it is not okay to stay stuck on those defeats and give up. There are a couple things I keep hearing about this subject that I’m sure will help us all, and that is that if we give up and quit then we “never really had a plan for success.” Success usually never comes in the way we expect, but we are blown away by the result of our hard work and dedication as we learn to appreciate what we have once we come to the realization that WE ARE SUCCESSFUL. If you are appreciative of where you are and what you currently have, then no one can take that away from you, as it is a perspective and the filter created for your view of life. FEAR primarily, is a result of our bodies trying to survive physically and not to guide us toward happiness or success. Our bodies could care a less of us being successful or not and that is why our mind has that mechanism of trying to keep us alive at all costs and keeping us at standstill in our zone of comfort. Next time you are approached by an opportunity in your life and you know that it is not a risk-free decision to take then note, that in life success never comes without risk.

Make sure to leave a comment on a recent accomplishment regardless of the risks or fears you were facing!

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