So, You received a letter from us…



If you have not already looked through the “About Us” and “Our Story” sections, please take a moment as we have a video and a small bio about our company and our mission.

So, you received a letter from us and are wondering why we are contacting you and who are we? Well, we are a Fantastic Duo of a Husband (Adrian) and Wife (Candy), have been married for 3 yrs. and plan for big uplifting changes to our local community of East Bakersfield, CA and Old Town Kern (Old Downtown Bakersfield). We have come across your property and are interested in buying from you as we believe your property fits our criteria as a great investment. We are fresh in the game of Real Estate Investing, and with every new piece of property we acquire, we build assets that will serve as the main fuel in fortifying our hungry-for-change city of East Bakersfield, CA and Old Town Kern. We stand as a Small Business with a vision and purpose to make a difference, and compliance of your part will make you a direct catalyst of our small town’s future success that we will personally instigate. We believe nothing is louder than where your money is spent and by investing precisely in our depressed side of town, we will create jobs and spring life to a neglected side of town in a steadily growing city. We are local investors and are not a big faceless corporation that are all about profit at all costs, we will be dealing with each other personally and work for your and our benefit resulting in a happy client and more investing power of our part.


Maybe selling is not your mindset, well we would still love hear from you as we could still serve you if you have an issue with management of your Bakersfield/Los Angeles property. We would also love to assist you in linking you to the right contractors if you’re in the need of a few repairs/fixes. Even if you don’t have the money we have some great Hard Money & Private Lenders that would be able to assist if you are not able to refinance or do not have the money for repairs. We are also open to network, since we could be holding your next deal whether it is your 1st or next flip/rental/new development, etc. Our purpose is to serve people like you in the investing field and hope to hear from you as we are trying to meet as many potential partners to whom we could spread value with our services and gain value through experience and networking.


Depending on the type of property and other variables, we will decide whether your property will serve as a flip, rental or other development. First, we will get a few pieces of information about your property like the price, bedrooms/baths, square footage, etc. After receiving the information, we will do our diligence and this will result in what type of investment would be best for your property. We will also come down to a price point of our own and call you back and discuss the analysis along with the price we will offer. If convenient to you and you agree to our offer, then we will proceed to a contract and open escrow. In some cases we will offer cash and close as quickly and conveniently as possible. With our mission and goals in mind we have little time to lose and do not wish to waste your time as we conduct business. We are OptiLife Properties LLC. and hope to talk to you soon as we create a fruitful relationship together.

All the best,

OptiLife Properties



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