Our Story

After spending the last 8 years renting various apartments and dealing with poor property management, we knew it was time to create solutions to optimize the renting experience. Though our previous rental apartments were in great locations, most of the buildings and neighborhoods, including several historic ones were in distressed conditions. We began to ask ourselves several questions about how we could make a difference to help uplift these neighborhoods and enrich communities. Well, the answer became simple when we looked towards real estate investing. We know we can fill in the many voids which some landlords and apartment investors simply ignore. Especially those more favorable to creating better neighborhoods and optimum living for renters, home owners, and businesses. In late 2015, we established OptiLife Properties LLC. with aims to create better standards of living for renters, sellers, and home buyers. Whether you are renting or purchasing one of our special properties, we will strive to create the upmost optimal experience unlike any other. As a real estate investing company we are committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, building homes, and helping communities thrive.  We look forward to doing honest business and strive to optimize solutions and provide optimal services.

All the best,                                                                                                                                                              Adrian & Candy                                                                                                                                                     OptiLife Properties LLC.