Landlords! We want to help YOU!


Whether you are tired of dealing with bad tenants and are ready to sell your rental property or just in need of refreshing your rentals, we can assist you!

There are 3 ways we would love to help YOU:

1. Help improve and enhance the quality of your rental units.

2. Share tips and ideas to manage, find great tenants, and maximize your rental profits.

3. If you are tired and ready to get rid of your rentals, we can purchase your property and make the process quick and simple. In most cases we even offer all cash for your property!

There are many more ways we can help you, so feel free to reach out and let us know how we can assist you!

All the best,

OptiLife Properties


The Power of Your Voice!


As ENTREPRENEURS, we strive very hard to market our brand and products or services in order to receive recognition and increase availability of our company’s products or services. Well, we must not overlook the power we hold in our own ability to communicate our services while standing face to face with people. This might be an overlooked area to some business people because they do not wish to “show-off” or want to avoid looking like an arrogant person trying to make another sale. As a professional, it is your responsibility to be known by those around you with what you can provide and if you truly believe in your product or service, engage people with the mindset mission of providing services to a limitless number of people, as you break down your services or products of your company. When you believe part of your mission is to serve the most amount of people then what you provide to any person that comes across your path is the OPPORTUNITY to receive a great product or service, that of which your company provides. This is a way how you could be PROACTIVE towards achieving your goals of success with your business. As our great friend from the Invest Club for Women, Iris Veneracion says, “Your Network is directly correlated with your NET WORTH”, so be vocal about your goods and how others can benefit.

We live in a beautiful age of technology and effortless communication at our fingertips, so we should allow these facts to be tools for our business, in the means of communicating through social media and using forums or other creative ways of networking to reach people that hold the same interests as you, or are actually interested in something you are able to serve. Physical meetings are probably the best way to communicate with someone, but does not mean we should take anything away from the option of going online and reaching people through the web. This is a POWERFUL TOOL which is used by most successful companies where you could really amplify the amount of people you can reach and make aware of your company and what it provides. Especially online, you could reach out to people to who you would normally feel intimidated of talking to, but since you are not face to face it might take away a little tension and make you a little more comfortable while interacting. Whether you decide on giving your potential CONNECTIONS a call or email then you can be sure that reaching out is the correct decision especially for growth of your company and opportunities to become available.

There are incredible resources if you are in the world of Real Estate Investing such as, Bigger Pockets, finding your local Real Estate Investors meet ups, Flip Nerd,  Rich Dad Radio and Richdad, real estate agents and brokers as well as property management companies. There are so many ways to do what you are wanting to do, but there are also undiscovered ways so we would like to encourage you passionate individuals to continue forth with your goals and fulfill those ideas that you know will spark opportunities.

Be sure to be vocal about your business and your desire to serve an infinite number of people, soon enough the good word will spread around and you will fulfill your goal towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

All the best,                                                                                                                                                             OptiLife Properties

FREE Financial Education Resources!


Wondering where the secrets to building wealth can be found? There is an abundance of great tools and resources to help you learn more about FINANCIAL EDUCATION, but what you may not realize is that the most valuable information can be found for FREE. Meaning that you don’t even have to spend a single dime to obtain incredible wealth building information. There are certainly a great number of memberships, networking platforms, and even educational programs which can help guide you towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Here are our  FREE RESOURCES FOR FINANCIAL EDUCATION:

LOCAL LIBRARY, where many of the greatest books can be found ranging from several titles and authors

LOCAL MEET UPS, these may be limited in the subject of Financial Education or Real Estate Investing, but a great way to meet other fellow learners searching for the answers to become Financially Free.

YOUTUBE, this great video sharing platform has created such an amazing opportunity to explore subjects and get educated on FINANCIAL FREEDOM, REAL ESTATE INVESTING, etc.

BIGGERPOCKETS.COM, the best online networking/educational platform that brings investors together nationwide offering several ways to learn about real estate investing from weekly podcasts, blog posts, and tip sharing forums.

FLIPNERD.COM, a great online resource for more advice and tips about real estate investing filled with amazing content from expert videos to podcasts.

RICHDAD.COM, created by the king and queen of financial education Robert & Kim Kiyosaki providing us all with the best advice and books to obtain financial freedom thru the power of real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

TAKING ACTION, the best way to learn is by DOING, experiences will build valuable lessons that will help bring you closer to achieving your goals. Taking action is free, but experiences will most likely come with a price tag. Always take the time to learn more about a subject in order to be a master at it.

Want to learn more about Financial Freedom? Be sure to subscribe to our blog and leave a comment below.

All the best,

OptiLife Properties



So, You received a letter from us…



If you have not already looked through the “About Us” and “Our Story” sections, please take a moment as we have a video and a small bio about our company and our mission.

So, you received a letter from us and are wondering why we are contacting you and who are we? Well, we are a Fantastic Duo of a Husband (Adrian) and Wife (Candy), have been married for 3 yrs. and plan for big uplifting changes to our local community of East Bakersfield, CA and Old Town Kern (Old Downtown Bakersfield). We have come across your property and are interested in buying from you as we believe your property fits our criteria as a great investment. We are fresh in the game of Real Estate Investing, and with every new piece of property we acquire, we build assets that will serve as the main fuel in fortifying our hungry-for-change city of East Bakersfield, CA and Old Town Kern. We stand as a Small Business with a vision and purpose to make a difference, and compliance of your part will make you a direct catalyst of our small town’s future success that we will personally instigate. We believe nothing is louder than where your money is spent and by investing precisely in our depressed side of town, we will create jobs and spring life to a neglected side of town in a steadily growing city. We are local investors and are not a big faceless corporation that are all about profit at all costs, we will be dealing with each other personally and work for your and our benefit resulting in a happy client and more investing power of our part.


Maybe selling is not your mindset, well we would still love hear from you as we could still serve you if you have an issue with management of your Bakersfield/Los Angeles property. We would also love to assist you in linking you to the right contractors if you’re in the need of a few repairs/fixes. Even if you don’t have the money we have some great Hard Money & Private Lenders that would be able to assist if you are not able to refinance or do not have the money for repairs. We are also open to network, since we could be holding your next deal whether it is your 1st or next flip/rental/new development, etc. Our purpose is to serve people like you in the investing field and hope to hear from you as we are trying to meet as many potential partners to whom we could spread value with our services and gain value through experience and networking.


Depending on the type of property and other variables, we will decide whether your property will serve as a flip, rental or other development. First, we will get a few pieces of information about your property like the price, bedrooms/baths, square footage, etc. After receiving the information, we will do our diligence and this will result in what type of investment would be best for your property. We will also come down to a price point of our own and call you back and discuss the analysis along with the price we will offer. If convenient to you and you agree to our offer, then we will proceed to a contract and open escrow. In some cases we will offer cash and close as quickly and conveniently as possible. With our mission and goals in mind we have little time to lose and do not wish to waste your time as we conduct business. We are OptiLife Properties LLC. and hope to talk to you soon as we create a fruitful relationship together.

All the best,

OptiLife Properties



Build Assets, Not Liabilities


No matter if you are investing in a the stock market, real estate, or commodities, do your own diligence and know whether you are putting your money towards an ASSET or LIABILITY.

Put simply, LIABILITIES take and waste your money and ASSETS make you money. A long known secret of the rich is that if they strategically place their money in assets they can build WEALTH. There are several great options to invest in such as new businesses, real estate, and even the stock market if you have enough knowledge in the subject. It is also easy to point out that most riches are not created by just parking your money in a “safe” or retirement account. Therefore knowing ways to build assets and not liabilities is vital to your financial future, especially if you seek to become FINANCIALLY FREE. The average person believes in saving money, but does not gain much these days if it is just sitting in a bank account or at home. We must begin to put our money to work and become FINANCIALLY EDUCATED so that we can control the outlooks on our wealth.

ASSETS will be the vehicles to transport you and your family towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Be careful where you spend your money and stop wasting money on LIABILITIES. We all have things in life that are necessities and other things that we just simply want. The biggest misconception today is that our house is our biggest ASSET. This falls far from the truth, the reason why is if it does not generate INCOME and depends on you to financially support it, it is known as a LIABILITY. Unless, let’s say this house is a triplex and you decide to live in one unit and rent the other two units out. You will now have an ASSET, as long as you are able to produce enough or more money than the cost of your mortgage and expenses. You could also have other benefits such as tax deductions and potentially live for FREE. This is just one example of the endless possibilities of creating wealth, so decide for yourself and learn the difference between an ASSET and a LIABILITY.

We hope you enjoy our thoughts on ASSETS and LIABILITIES and remember to analyze your own financial health and seek professional help to guide you towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

All the best,

OptiLife Properties

Is your house FALLING apart?


Is your house FALLING apart? Tired of making expensive repairs on your properties? Are you looking to swap the old house for a new home? We can help you find great solutions! Whether you are ready to sell or need help making repairs, our team of experts can help!

Give us a call today at 661-724-OPTI(6784)! We look forward to helping you enjoy the better things in life!

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Eliminating F.E.A.R!


These days we find ourselves being overruled by our FEARS and falling short of that success we so desire. We can truly speak to this FEAR factor, as OptiLife Properties LLC. turns 1 year this month. We have come a long way from the start and plan on being around forever, but can’t help face some of the realities of our business. Those realities have to do with eliminating FEAR and substituting it with ACTION. Over the course of 12 months we have managed to reach new heights and educate ourselves on the subject of Real Estate Investing. However we have fallen short of accomplishing the many goals we set out for our business. It is okay that we did not reach every goal, but we find ourselves asking the same questions we did when we first started, that is “How to get over FEAR.” We are naturally wired to be cautious in order to survive, but we as humans must come to the realization that fear is not essential to our livelihood anymore. In this modern age we are surrounded by so many opportunities and the safety nets to try anything we can imagine. If you have ever tried an extreme activity such as rock climbing or sky diving, you have experienced tremendous fear before jumping off that plane or leaping on that mountain, but after you achieved it, you were most likely rushed with excitement and satisfaction to be ALIVE. The same can be experienced in the simplest form, such as taking a drive from one destination to the next, and yet you might have experienced the same factors of FEAR and SATISFACTION. Even though you can experience both a negative (FEAR) and a positive (SATISFACTION) reaction, the two cannot be expressed at the same time. Let’s ask ourselves, is FEAR really necessary in our lives? We say FEAR is not needed and therefore we must ELIMINATE F.E.A.R. In order to do so, we must start becoming aware of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If there are any habits or behaviors that are not serving your great purpose then practice to eliminate them. It can be as simple as looking in the mirror everyday and feeding your mind positive affirmations such as, “I am capable!”, or perhaps taking 5 minutes out of each day to appreciate nature.

It is okay to face some harsh realities, but it is not okay to stay stuck on those defeats and give up. There are a couple things I keep hearing about this subject that I’m sure will help us all, and that is that if we give up and quit then we “never really had a plan for success.” Success usually never comes in the way we expect, but we are blown away by the result of our hard work and dedication as we learn to appreciate what we have once we come to the realization that WE ARE SUCCESSFUL. If you are appreciative of where you are and what you currently have, then no one can take that away from you, as it is a perspective and the filter created for your view of life. FEAR primarily, is a result of our bodies trying to survive physically and not to guide us toward happiness or success. Our bodies could care a less of us being successful or not and that is why our mind has that mechanism of trying to keep us alive at all costs and keeping us at standstill in our zone of comfort. Next time you are approached by an opportunity in your life and you know that it is not a risk-free decision to take then note, that in life success never comes without risk.

Make sure to leave a comment on a recent accomplishment regardless of the risks or fears you were facing!